Cakes, cupcakes, mashed potatoes and more cupcakes!!!!

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I have a serious problem.  I simply cannot say ‘no’ when someone asks me to do something, especially baking.  This has gotten me into something of a mess this week. 

Let me tell you about it. 

On Monday I made a chocolate layer cake with raspberry cream filling for the cafe our church runs (I try to make something for them every week).  I knew the filling was a bit soft and needed to be refrigerated to set properly, but guess what?  No room in the fridge.  So I packed it up to take to the cafe to refrigerate….not a good idea.  Somewhere between here and there the top layer of chocolate cake decided to jump off.  Oops, I should have known that was going to happen!  The cake was salvagable though.

On Tuesday I made 48 vanilla cupcakes, peeled and chopped and cooked millions of apples in between taking my kids to school, taking my husband to the cafe, racing to the kids’ Harvest Service where I tearfully watched them sing songs about scarecrows (photos are of the kids, Pixie in scarecrow attire), picking my husband up from the cafe and then finally picking my kids up from school. 

On Wednesday I made super delicious Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Whipped Cream and assembled my Apple Pie Cupcakes to take to the cafe for the Pensioner’s Lunch.

On Thursday my sweet and wonderful husband peeled two billion potatoes (I know, he’s great!).  I chopped them and cooked them, then used my ever so useful Kitchenaid mixer to whip them up for our little village’s Harvest Supper – three large trays full.

On Friday I went to a lovely little coffee morning in aid of an orphanage and school in Nepal.  I felt a break was in order, and supporting a good cause is important.  When I returned I made 36 chocolate cupcakes and some super scrummy chocolate hazelnut frosting with sprinkles – some for the Harvest Supper and some for my friend’s Induction Celebration on Saturday (he’s the new Community Outreach Worker for our church).

I have just delivered the two tons of mashed potatoes and the chocolate cupcakes to the Harvest Supper.  I’m too tired to stay and play Bingo and eat my delicious mash.  This week has taken it’s toll on me.  I hope it will help me to remember what my priorities in life are.  Baking for others is wonderful and something I really do enjoy – I think next time I should check my diary before saying yes to every request sent my way (but I probably won’t!) 🙂


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