A Snag in the Plan

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Just when you think you have a plan.  Just when you take things for granted.  Something bursts your bubble and sends you spinning.

This week we found out that the school we had taken for granted that the kids would go to was not allocated to them.  We took this for granted because the headteacher assured us they would each have a place there.  Come to find out, he has no say in the matter, it’s all left in the hands of the County Council.  I must admit I was devastated at the news.  I felt like my world was crashing down around me – all our planning and preparing the kids for this big change had been a waste of time.  Most importantly I was panicked and out of my mind with worry about how we could possibly prepare my son for this new school with so little time – as we had spent the last year making him feel comfortable with our first choice school and the kids who would be attending it.

After a day of distress I awoke to find myself determined to fight for our children, for their best interest, for my son’s best chance at success in a mainstream school.  I enlisted help from the professionals who have been working with us and asked them to write supporting documents for us.  I carefully wrote our story – how we had tried to think of everything  but took for granted that there would be space for our children at our first choice school.  Then I phoned the allocated school.

After speaking with the allocated school, I felt even better about our situation.  They are more than willing to help us make this adjustment as easy as possible for us.  The pre-school attached to the school also offered us a couple of morning sessions so that the kids could meet their new classmates.  It won’t be ideal, but we do have some options open to us, thank God!

Time will tell which school the kids will end up in, but I can say for certain that there will be no more crying about it.  We will move on and continue to prepare whichever school we end up with.  What a difference a day makes, eh? 🙂


One thought on “A Snag in the Plan

  1. Vanessa is going through the same situation. Ben has been in the same school with the same teacher for three years. All of a sudden they are moving the children out of that school and moving other children in. I think she may have blogged about it. She did the same thing you have done and seems more relaxed about the change in plan for Ben in September. Sometimes things just work out for the best.

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