Here’s to you Mrs. Roberts


When I moved to this little village around this time last year, I made it known that I wanted to get involved in village life. ‘I’ll have Mrs. Roberts pay you a call’ was the answer, and pay me a call she did. She was eager and excited to find a willing volunteer, and an American to boot! She got me involved from the minute I met her, and for that I will be forever grateful. She supported me in my attempt to host coffee mornings for the village ladies. She saved the best seat in the room for me for the village hall committee meetings. She made me laugh and feel welcome.

Today I went to her funeral, my first in Northamptonshire and my first in England even though I have lived in England for 8 years. It’s not that all of my friends have been super fit, safety conscious, or young but rather that I have had so few friends until now.

Mrs. Roberts was 75 years young. She died suddenly, shocking this small community. Her funeral was a testament to the many lives she touched. The church was filled to capacity and a marquee that sat 80 bulged with over 100. It was a lovely service and I think she would have been touched to see how much she meant to so many.

The village doesn’t feel the same since she’s been gone. No doubt someone will step up and take over where she left off. I just can’t imagine it will be anyone so dedicated. I hope her absence will spur others to take the lead, but I can’t help thinking a Golden Age has passed. I hope I’m wrong. I’d love for Mrs. Roberts to look down from heaven and feel proud that we carried on, insisting on the high standards she always set.

I plan to do all I can to help with our Open Gardens and Village Fete this spring and summer. I’d also like to establish a welcoming committee to greet newcomers in honour of Mrs. Roberts. I think she would have liked that.

Goodbye Mrs. Roberts- you were one in a million, and you will be missed!

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One thought on “Here’s to you Mrs. Roberts

  1. Love your tribute to a dear friend. I’m sure she is looking down and smiling – happy that she helped so many.

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