Guest Blogger? Yes please!

I cannot contain my excitement….I have to share the news!  I’m going to be a guest blogger!  Yay!

eSpecially Ben

My friend writes a blog called eSpecially Ben ( – focusing on her family’s journey through life with a special needs child – and she has just won the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Special Needs Parenting Blog from  She emailed me recently enquiring if I would like to be a guest blogger in a new series where 8 mothers will answer one question each month about our experiences raising a child with special needs.   I jumped at the chance!  I can write whatever I want people to know, include photos, and share a bit of my life living with Autism.  I am really looking forward to it – to writing about my experiences and also reading about the experiences of the other moms. 

I really hope you all will check in and take a peek into our worlds.  The series will begin at the end of April under the heading eSpecially Parents on


4 thoughts on “Guest Blogger? Yes please!

  1. I am so glad you are enthusiastic about it because I am too. I think it could be a great experience for the writers, and a way for people to learn about our lives in a different type of format. Thank you so much for agreeing to do this AND for posting it on your site too. PS – JB is coming my way in May – cannot wait to see him, it’s been awhile.

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