Simple pleasures, Jane Austen and Sheep


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Jane said it best (as she always does):

“I must learn to be content with being happier than I deserve.”
Jane Austen

We have lived here in the breathtakingly beautiful countryside for almost one year now.  The time has simply flown by.  I am so pleased that my family still finds such delight in our surroundings….a lovely pair of ponies with heads hanging over the fence begging to be petted, trees budding, birds singing… it’s just a tiny bit of heaven on earth, and we feel so very blessed. 

Today is just a typical spring day in my sweet little village.  A gentle beep beep from the herding golf cart and a stampede of sheep fill the narrow road outside our house.  I ran outside to catch a photo or two to share with you.  As the shaggy sheep went through the gates there was much noise as they met up with the other sheep already grazing away on the lush grass of the estate. 

Oh it’s the simple pleasures in life that are the best.


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