Give a gift from the heart: Heart-felt Felt Heart and Star Ornaments


I love making things with my kids.  We bake together and make all sorts of crafts.  My son loses interest fairly quickly, but my daughter really LOVES to create something from nothing…just like her Mommy.

This Christmas my children are 3 years old.  They understand quite a bit about Father Christmas and being good to ensure they have something lovely to open on Christmas morning.  I wanted to instill in them that Christmas is about giving, so we made a list of people we’d like to give gifts to and then went searching through my old craft magazines to find inspiration.  It gives me such joy to see my daughter engrossed in craft supplies – I look forward to the day she’ll be teaching me how to make fun crafts for my family and friends.

Among the many projects we selected (lip balm, bath salts, shower scrub, cookies, cupcakes, fudge etc) was making felt ornaments and decorating them.  A simple idea, perfect for a 3-year-old to help with.  My daughter selected the shapes of the ornaments. She chose stars and hearts.  I cut them out – two shapes for each ornament – and roughly sewed them together (unfortunately I am no seamstress, but this was easy, even for me).  My daughter came up with the idea of cutting a slit in the back of the ornaments to access a secret storage place.  She wanted to put chocolate coins inside – which I thought was a wonderful idea (she is teaching me already).  So that’s what we did!

I did the cutting and sewing and she did the decorating.  She used buttons, adhered with glue and self-adhesive glittery foam shapes to adorn the hearts and stars.  I think they are super sweet and I cannot wait to see her giving a small piece of her sweet little heart to her friends this Christmas.

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