Jubilee Celebrations

Jubilee Celebrations

What an amazing time to be living in England! Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating 60 years on the throne this month, which is an incredible achievement.  The country seems to have gone mad planning endless street parties and displaying flags in support of their long-reigning monarch.  At school, my kids have been dressing up … Continue reading

First Day of School

I had no idea it would take so long for my Pixie to decide what to wear when the options are rather limited (pinafore or skirt, short or long sleeves). I had no idea how long it would take to try to get both monkeys in one photo in their school uniforms. I had no … Continue reading

Magical Mystery Drive

Pixie and I were treated to a mysterious drive through the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside with some wonderful friends recently.  Fawsley Church, the Church of Saint Mary was our ultimate destination.  It’s a beautiful old church, dating from 1209 but there is said to have been an earlier wooden Saxon church on the spot before then!  Pixie and … Continue reading

A Snag in the Plan

Just when you think you have a plan.  Just when you take things for granted.  Something bursts your bubble and sends you spinning. This week we found out that the school we had taken for granted that the kids would go to was not allocated to them.  We took this for granted because the headteacher … Continue reading

A Right Royal Wedding

Okay, I know, I know….everyone is sick of hearing about the Royal Wedding, everyone but me!  I couldn’t be more pleased that I am able to be here in England to celebrate this wonderful event.  My daughter and I have made pint sized wedding cakes together – messy but fun. She seems to think that icing … Continue reading

Let them eat cake

I’ve decided to embark upon a mission to think more about what I eat, to feed my family healthier foods and to find amazing recipes that are both delicious and healthy.  This is no small task.  Even though I make most of the food my family eats (they do not get much processed and hardly … Continue reading